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We had to wait many years but thankfully our prayers have been answered by the good guys at Replay. Both DVDs are wonderfully produced and considerable effort has gone into the digital restoration of the episodes so that they look fantastic.

Not only that, but there are highly entertaining extras too which include commentaries on ten episodes featuring all the major cast, the writer Steven Moffat, the producer Andre Ptaszynski and the late Bob Spiers who directed the show. Listening to them, it's obvious they had a ball recording those and their love of the show shines through. That's equally in evidence in the interviews that appear in the excellent background featurette, "Fool If You Think It's Over". Also included with Series 2 is the original pilot episode from 1991, prf versions of the scripts and a colourful companion booklet.

All in all, these DVDs are everything we could have asked for and more. They can be obtained direct from the publisher's website (in fact, series two can only be obtained from there as it's an online exclusive), where you also pick up the first series of Steven Moffat's follow-up sitcom, Chalk. Unfortunately, buyers outside of Europe will have to look to obtain them through eBay as Replay is only permitted to distribute within Region 2.